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These are examples of my programs, but of course I offer training according to your needs. I do business development in every area (selling, staff, production, leadership) over 3,6,12 or 18months. You can also read more on my John C maxwell page.

Communication that works

Communication in companies and corporations is largely about learning to communicate at different levels and in different situations. Communicating with a colleague is different from communicating with your boss. To give employees assignments, to make a sale to a customer, or to sell your ideas to your supervisor, requires different skills in communication.

This course goes through all the different types of communication; written, verbal and non-verbal. It is for companies and corporations that wants to improve their business and to improve the work environment for everybody.

The course gives you the keys to a more easily managed working life, avoidance of conflicts, and overall improved well-being in the workplace. The time required, and all other details are determined on an individual basis.

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Growth trough the right leadership strategy - Jeanette Ljugnars


Selling is one of the most important tasks in a company. Whether you sell a product, a service, B2B or to customers, good selling gives you a good result and solid business. When you need more effective selling you need to look at the strategic leadership and follow up with the right numbers. You also need to look at the sellers’ motivation and their well-being at work.

In this course we start by looking at where you are now. How is selling led in the company? How motivated are your salespeople? Are there any problems when it comes to selling that we can solve? At the same time we look at what numbers you measure and how they look. Those are the ones we want to improve. The course helps both in finding where the problems and challenges are, and then solving them. It´s a great opportunity to talk to an external consultant, even about difficult subjects. When we look at the business together and find solutions, it will increase the feeling of involvement for everybody and that increases motivation and joy of work.

We want your salespeople to win the selling start every morning and lift the company’s numbers to new heights. What if everybody made 10 times more calls, if everybody booked 10 times more meetings, if everybody had 10 times more closings? What if everybody made 10 times more sales?

This course is a one-day event for everyone involved in any kind of selling.

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Effective teamwork

Working in a team is part of today’s business world. Most workers work in one or several teams. When teamwork increases, then the demands for better teamworking skills also increase. How are the tasks delegated? How is the productivity of the team made more effective? Who is responsible for the motivation of the team?

This course is for anyone working in a team of some kind. We will concentrate on increasing the productivity of the team, look at how the responsibility is shared in the team, and how everyone´s unique strength is considered and improved. Is every person doing the job they know best? If everyone is in the right place, everybody will be more motivated and more willing to do their best for the team. Team coaching makes the team grow. Every participant will learn to trust each other, which is a requirement for a creative team. Trust is also important when tasks are being divided, so that everyone feels that the workload is equally distributed among everybody and nobody has to feel pressure or stress.

The course is a one-day event and contains both lectures and exercises. You can choose to focus on selected parts such as increasing innovation and creativity, problem-solving, or mutual influence.

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For foremen and supervisiors to improve their leadership skills

Being a foreman requires a lot of different skills. Despite demanding duties, people skills and communication skills are also required. The foreman should lead everybody to a common goal and at the same time lead every person individually. To do this requires flexibility, communication, humility, and trust.

In this course we will go through challenges that foremen usually face and we will give tools to handle them. We will mainly focus on the different levels of leadership and how to lead in times of change. We will look at the personal leadership and how to improve that, because you need to motivate both yourself and others. You also have to feel good as a leader in order to create a happy, great working environment.

The course is a one-day event and suits everybody in some kind of leadership/foreman/supervisor position.

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Leadership lectures 1,5-3h

Leadership - Jeanette Ljungars

Leadership Gold – the best of the best with every proven and true lesson on leadership.

Be a R.E.A.L success- relationships, equip others, attitudes and leadership.

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You have probably heard that if you want to succeed, you have to surround yourself with people wiser than yourself. This is true in Mastermind. But you also share ideas, experiences and strengths. We can´t be good at everything and that’s why we have to take advantage of other peoples’ strengths.

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“Jeanette is one of the most amazing people I know. Truly. She deeply cares for the people she works with – whether it’s one on one in her business or a crowd that she’s speaking to. She’s full of wisdom and conveys in an honest, passionate, authentic way.”February 25, 2012

1st Jill HartOwner,

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