“Female Entrepreneurship-joys and challenges”

*more women can become entrepreneurs and create more workplaces, but what different challenges can we meet and how to overcome them

“Excellent leadership”

*leaders don´t grow in a day but by daily growth

*who you are will determine how successful you´ll be in what you do

“The power of the mind”

*so many heard about the law of attraction and think and grow rich, but so few live by it. And it´s not about the “universe”- it´s about you and your life

*how you think will change the world, and here you will get easy tools (easy to do and easy not to do)

“100 new customers in 100 minutes”

  • do you want to get new customers and keep the old ones?
  • how do you build success through recommendations and how do you get people to recommend you (without asking for it)
  • very inspirational 100 minutes.

“You become what you think”

Do you want differnet or better results than what you have today? Usually we try to change our actions without or with little success. You have to start changing your thinking and magic will appear…..

McCarthy Business Management:

Goals that lead to better results (90 minutes)

The seminar will handle following aspects:

  • Goals that lead to even better resultsThise seminar includes the following principles:* focusing on the most important things*setting goals that inspire everybody to achieve better results* getting everybody to work together towards a common goal with renewed commitment*achieving better results

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Women in Leadership- seminar day

Women in Leadership- seminar day

Being a business woman/entrepreneur or organizational leader can be challenging. Maybe you feel you have to put forth more effort than your male colleagues to rise higher?

Is it difficult to achieve balance sometimes: values, family, work?

Do you value yourself as a women and the way that you act and think? What are your unique strengths and how do you best use them in your leadership?

These and many more questions will be considered this encouraging, inspiring day where YOU are the focus. Meet others in same situation and network in a relaxed and stress-free environment.


Give me your contact information here, and I´ll be able to let you know when the next seminar is held near you. You can also make arrangements of your own and ask me to be a speaker at your event.

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John C Maxwell

I teach and train his material:

  • Leadership Gold
  • Put Your dreams to the test
  • Everybody communicate- few connect
  • Become a person of influence
  • Be a R.E.A.L succeess

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I have also other keynotes: “7 ways to live a more happier life”, “improve your self confidence”, “passion and purpose”

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